Photos of Black De-Energized Kyiv

The military blackout regime and overloaded due to missile attacks energy system plunged the capital into darkness
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As soon as Russia acquired Iranian "Shaheds", a new front opened up: the terrorist country began deliberately destroying the residential infrastructure of the city. More than 40% of the country's energy infrastructure has been destroyed

Thus, Ukraine's government has made 2 decisions to ensure the safety of Ukrainians and the optimal distribution of power between houses: the introduction of a blackout mode and rolling blackouts.

On the proto — Dnipro embankment, Podil district, centre of the capital.

On the photo — Khreshchatyk street, the centre of Kyiv. 

The blackout mode implies the exclusion of all light identification symbols of the city: signs, illuminations, lights in apartments, road lighting etc

Citizens close their windows tightly, businessmen turn off the lights in their shop windows, and only the Moon and car headlights illuminate the city. Thus, it is difficult for enemy pilots to recognise Kyiv in a dark spot over Ukrainian land.

In the photo — the monument "Motherland" on the left slope of the Dnipro river. 

Rolling blackouts were introduced in response to an overvoltage in the Ukrainian energy system

Since a significant part of the power plants is damaged, the remaining portion of the capacity cannot provide electricity to the entire city. Therefore, the citizens adhere to a specific schedule for using electrical appliances, try to use candles instead of electric lamps, and the city administration turns off the power supply in different areas for several hours.

On the proto — a monument to prince Volodymyr of Kyiv, in 988 baptized Kyivan Rus. 

That's very beautiful. But we hope it never happens again

On the photo — a church of St. Andrew on the peak of Andriyivskyy descent, Podil district. 

The bridge named after Ukrainian engineer scientist Oscar Paton

Over the right bank of the Dnipro

Kontraktova Square

Railway station

Podil district

Baikove cemetery

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