Poland, Czechia, Israel, and France Came in Peaceful Rallies in Support of Ukraine. Photos

Citizens of different states at different times, but regularly go out to the squares and don’t let anyone forget there is a war in Ukraine. To prevent war in the rest of Europe and keep the world from losing its future and faith in democratic values — everyone must help Ukraine defeat Russia.
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November 4, Czech Republic, Prague, Wenceslas square.

"Tens of thousands of people came to Wenceslas Square to demonstrate against fear and hatred. This is excellent news for our country. People are not indifferent to where our society is headed. I appreciate it. We must actively take care of freedom and democracy. Let's protect these values and not be afraid to do the right thing! Thank you for coming," Petr Fiala. 

October 14, Israel, Tel Aviv
October 11, France, Paris
November 6, Warsaw, Poland

In front of the Hungarian embassy was held a performance called It's time to help Orbán get out of Putin's ass!

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