Poland Opens Waterway as a Sign of Independence of the State

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 12, 2022
Poland Opens Waterway as a Sign of Independence of the State

The official opening of the Vistula spit is scheduled for September 17, but Poland decided not to delay and cut the water connection with Russia

Poland began to build the Vistula canal: to break ties with Russia, as well as put an end to the dominance of the aggressor country in the region. The 23 km long and 5 m deep channel connects the Vistula and Gdansk bays. The canal has not yet been completed, and the official opening is scheduled for September 17 — the anniversary of the Soviet attack on Poland in 1939. Nevertheless, having even a starting opportunity to break with Russia, Poland decided to launch shipping along the Vistula spit.

"Thanks to digging the Vistula spit, Poland will receive a waterway connecting the Vistula lagoon with the Baltic sea and independent of Russia. The canal will ensure the security and sovereignty of Poland," the Polish government said.

Thanks to the Polish waterway, ships will have access to the port of Elbląg and the Vistula lagoon ports. New logistical and business horizons will open up for Elbląg, Warmia and all of Eastern Poland. The port is not completed 900 m from the port in Elbląg, but even unfinished, it is of interest to sailors. The barge Zodiak II is the first vessel to sail on the new route.
The remaining investment in the construction of the remaining 900 m lies with the local government.

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