Poland Will Help to Return the Airports of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
Poland Will Help to Return the Airports of Ukraine

The Polish government is ready to help Ukraine in the post-war reconstruction of damaged infrastructure

Deputy minister of finance and regional policy of Poland Marcin Goral said that the two governments continue to strengthen relations. This time, the representative of Poland and the ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasyl Zvarych agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of post-war reconstruction, in particular, the construction of airports. The meeting of politicians was attended by the president of the state enterprise Polish airports Stanislav Voiter — his specialists will also participate in the restoration.

"We see several opportunities to support our friends from Ukraine in the post-war reconstruction of Ukrainian airports in a broad sense. We are in constant contact with representatives of the Ukrainian port association, as well as directly with Ukrainian ports. We can also offer them our expert advice on investments connected with airports and on planning their further development," said Marcin Goral.

Poland is also ready to reconstruct Ukraine's railway stations and railways, which were destroyed by the Russian army during the war. After the victory, Ukraine is waiting for a long way to recover because Russian invaders in 9 months of war destroyed at least 11 airports and more than 20 railway stations.

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