Polish Howitzers “Krab” Are Coming to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Polish Howitzers “Krab” Are Coming to Ukraine

As part of the military support of Poland, the second batch of "Krab" howitzers from a total batch of 60 units went to Ukraine

On September 6, Ukrainian war correspondent Roman Bochkala published information that a batch of Polish self-propelled artillery units Krab are moving to Ukraine. Agreements on the transfer of 155 mm howitzers from Poland were concluded this spring, and the first batch of 18 installations has already arrived at the balance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in May. The PLN 3 billion contract includes the assembly and transfer of 60 Krab howitzers and additional artillery vehicles.

Self-propelled artillery mounts on a tracked chassis is a modification of the British howitzer. It has a turret layout, a 155 mm calibre gun, and a firing range of 40 km in the basic configuration. Krab gives out 6 hits per minute and can change position in half a minute after the shot.

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