Pork Import and Export to Ukraine in 2021

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Pork Import and Export to Ukraine in 2021

Pork import in 2021 was 10 times higher than export

Ukraine is one country that consumes and processes large quantities of pork. However, in a country where speaking of the national cuisine, one mentions lard at once, this product is often imported.

Pork in Ukraine is imported from Poland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Usually, the country spends about $61 million on imported meat. In monetary terms:

  • Poland delivers $12 million;
  • The price of meat from Denmark is $38.1 million;
  • Pork import from the Netherlands amounted to $9.6 million.

Import from these countries amounted to 36.000 tons this year. These figures are 36% higher than in the same reporting period last year. The pork value from other countries was 31.429 tons amounting to $24.7 million.

Ukraine itself sells pork to the UAE, Georgia, and Hong Kong. Exports grew by 19% in 2021. Thus, at the export of 3.600 tons of pork, the country received almost $6 million.

Such import and export figures may be surprising. But analyst of the invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/agricultural/" rel="dofollow">Agricultural business club of Ukraine, Maksym Hopka, bothered to explain the situation. "Even though that pork imports far exceed exports, Ukrainian pork exports also show an upward trend. It is worth noting that 99% of meat is sold frozen. The main countries-buyers of Ukrainian pork became: UAE — 1391 tons, Hong Kong — 719.6 tons, Georgia — 198 tons, Liberia — 165.8 tons," he tells.

It should be pointed out that farm pork production increased by 4.4% this year. This provides an opportunity to increase exports several times over the next year.


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