Portugal Commits €100 Million to Czech-Led Ammunition Initiative for Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Friday, March 15, 2024
Portugal Commits €100 Million to Czech-Led Ammunition Initiative for Ukraine

Portugal has announced its participation in the Czech Republic’s initiative to procure artillery ammunition for Ukraine, pledging €100 million towards the cause

The Portuguese Ministry of Defense confirmed this contribution through statements on various social media platforms, emphasizing Portugal's commitment to supporting Ukraine alongside several other European nations.

This financial support is earmarked for the acquisition of large-caliber artillery ammunition, bolstering Ukraine's defense efforts amidst ongoing conflict. Portugal's announcement aligns with its European partners' collective effort to strengthen Ukraine's military capabilities through substantial contributions.

In a related development, Sweden also confirmed its support for the Czech-led initiative, allocating €30 million towards the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine, separate from EU initiatives.

Czech Ammunition Procurement Initiative Gains Broad Support

The Prague initiative has successfully galvanized a wide range of European countries to allocate funds for the purchase of 800,000 artillery shells, intended for the Ukrainian Defense Forces. While the complete list of contributing nations remains partially undisclosed, significant pledges have been confirmed from the Netherlands (€250 million), Belgium (€200 million), Norway (€140 million), and Germany, with an unspecified but substantial three-digit million euro contribution. Additional support comes from the UK, Canada, France, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Luxembourg, with specific amounts not publicly detailed.

Czech President Petr Pavel has assured that the first batches of shells financed through this initiative will reach Ukrainian forces by June of the current year at the latest, marking a significant step forward in international efforts to support Ukraine's defense.

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