Possible $7.3 Bln Aid From Norway 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Possible $7.3 Bln Aid From Norway 

The government of the country might become be the largest donor to Ukrainians

Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Store has announced that he is considering a $7.3 billion aid package for Ukraine. This decision will turn the Scandinavian country into the largest donor to Ukraine, which will make it possible to meet Ukraine's humanitarian and military needs. The politician says that the entire amount of aid will be divided into 5 years – $1.5 billion per year. It is important to note that Oslo called other countries for increased support for Ukraine.

"Support for Ukraine is support for the people who are going through war, but it is also support for our fundamental security," says Store.

"Zelenskyy and his fellow Ukrainians stand tall in the face of Russian attacks on Kyiv. In a call today, I was glad to reassure him of Norway’s full and continued financial support and support to Ukraines legitimate self defence," Jonas Gahr Store on Twitter 3 Jan. 

Note that Norway is one of the largest owners of fossil fuels in Europe. Therefore, the outbreak of the Russian war helped Norway to become an alternative source of energy for Europe. It is noted that the prices and demand for Norwegian oil have increased significantly. So, the Nordic country also proposes redirecting oil revenues to the humanitarian needs of a country at war. 

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