President of the Foundation for the Support of Democracy Arrived to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 5, 2022
President of the Foundation for the Support of Democracy Arrived to Ukraine

On May 5, Damon Wilson met with Andrii Yermak, head of the office of the president of Ukraine

During the meeting between the representative of the government of Ukraine and the head of the NED, a partnership tone was initially set. Yermak stressed the importance of cooperation between Ukraine and the United States.

"At this difficult time, we understand who our friends and strategic partners are. And, of course, the United States plays a crucial role in supporting Ukraine," he stressed.

Since the war in Ukraine is still going on, Ukraine needs more arms supplies than it currently has. The whole world is watching non-stop what is happening in Ukraine. The attention of progressive countries is directed to the events in southeastern Ukraine, especially in Mariupol.

"People's lives in Mariupol depend on how quickly we get help. We ask everyone: please save our people, children, wives," he said and added that the days are counting.

The head of the office of the president of Ukraine stated the high level of the need to adhere to the sanctions policy and strengthen the tools to deter Russian aggression. Continuing the conversation, Andrii Yermak emphasized that international partnership work to guarantee Ukraine's security this time, unlike the Budapest Memorandum, would be effective.

"Ukraine, after the war, wants to be sure that this will not happen again. The second Budapest Memorandum is completely ruled out. We are consulting daily with our partners regarding the future of Ukraine in the field of security. These should be clear, legally fixed obligations, guarantees," Yermak.

The head of the president's office reasonably stated that a protracted war is unacceptable for Ukraine. At the same time, as all the resources of Russia are depleted, Ukraine is losing its children — Ukrainians who died and were evacuated abroad. The country's infrastructure is also collapsing, which means billions of dollars of losses every month. The war must be stopped, moreover, on the terms of Ukraine.

"For us, in the first place is the protection of our people, Ukrainians. It is significant for us that our heroes stay alive. So that their families are alive and that our cities are not destroyed to the ground," Andrii Yermak emphasized.

Damon Wilson expressed his admiration for the work of the Ukrainian army and the courage of Ukrainian civilians. The head of the NED once again confirmed that the United States is a partner of Ukraine and will do everything possible for our victory.

"Ukraine is creating history, its democratic future right now. The American people support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom and democracy. And the entire Congress, our people, and the entire American political community stands with Ukraine. We will do our best to support the Ukrainian people so that Ukraine wins this war, de-occupies its territories, and restores peace", Damon Wilson.

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