President Zelensky Invites Trump to Kyiv Following His Promise to Swiftly End the War

by Cheplyk Roman
Saturday, January 20, 2024
President Zelensky Invites Trump to Kyiv Following His Promise to Swiftly End the War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has extended an invitation to former US President Donald Trump to visit Kyiv

This invitation comes in response to Trump's recent promise to quickly end the ongoing war in Ukraine if he wins this year's elections. Zelensky's invitation was conveyed during an interview with the British TV channel Channel 4 News, as reported by Ukrinform agency.

Key Points from Zelensky's Interview:

  • Open Invitation: Zelensky openly invites Trump to Ukraine, specifically to Kyiv, and challenges him to halt the war even for 24 hours, emphasizing the critical nature of the conflict.
  • Trump's Potential Influence: Zelensky acknowledges the possibility that Trump may have a viable plan or idea to end the war and expresses openness to any suggestions that could lead to peace.
  • Transparency with the Public: The Ukrainian President underscores the importance of transparency, stating that the Ukrainian people should not be kept in the dark about potential solutions to the conflict.
  • Trump's Earlier Comments: Trump, following his victory in the Iowa presidential caucuses in mid-January, mentioned his good relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He expressed confidence in his ability to negotiate and resolve the Ukraine situation swiftly, citing his familiarity with both Putin and Zelensky.

Zelensky's invitation to Trump signifies a readiness to explore all avenues for peace, reflecting the urgency and gravity of the conflict in Ukraine. The move also highlights the potential role of international diplomacy in seeking a resolution to the ongoing war.

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