Preventive Measures for Russian Gas Hysteria

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Preventive Measures for Russian Gas Hysteria

Sweden has launched an emergency program to provide citizens with gas in case of unforeseen cessation of supplies from Russia

According to Reuters, Sweden has launched the first phase of a plan for Russia's gas blackmail: a 3-tier system designed to supply gas to the west and south of the country.

"Sweden's energy agency said on Tuesday it had activated the first step of a 3-stage emergency gas supply plan for Western and Southern parts of the country to prepare for possible disruptions of natural gas from Russia. The move was made after neighboring Denmark, which supplies Sweden with piped gas, issued a similar warning on Monday," Reuters.

In the event of a cessation of Russian gas supplies to Italy, the European country is also ready to launch an emergency protocol to provide citizens. As in other countries, Russia's gas blackmail could lead to coal regeneration. Some countries, such as England, are ready to deconserve their coal mines at a critical time.
Ursula von der Leyen calls on states to refocus on investing in green and renewable energy. Thus, get 2 cracks at bat: the accelerated transition to the environmental industry and the life of the world, as well as the deprivation of Putin of his criminal instrument — gas.

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