Engine from a Child Сonstructor by a Ukrainian Company

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Engine from a Child Сonstructor by a Ukrainian Company

A simple solution to the complicated problem: Ukrainian IT-company "Olson" built the project from candy and children’s constructor at the international industrial exhibition "Warsaw Industry Week"

Olson — Ukrainian IT company, which develops software for production and logistics and has been in the market of the country for 10 years. But at the international exhibition, the organization participated in the first. At the exhibition in Poland, the company wanted to show how the leading software products work. And although it’s difficult to visualize them, Olson did it.

The developers built several models of their projects. It should be noted. However, that software is not a format that can be easily displayed in non-standard ways. However, the team from Ukraine did not use classical presentations and stands. 

The first task was to show how to manage working instructions, what principles are used to collect and store data, and build reports. For this, the developers used a children’s constructor and an automated screwdriver. Each exhibition participant could come and assemble the engine and track all stages.

Another task is to show how the performance data of the line is displayed and how reporting on the collected data is useful. They used candy and a vending machine. The station was built with the help of sensors and candy dispensers. Taking candy, the visitor «increased» the efficiency of one of the lines. From the results of the data from this station traced the traffic at the exhibition and found out which candies in Poland are the most popular.

The third station's construction on an area of 30 m² also used a dispenser with candy. The project was to show how IT products prevent mistakes in production. Thus, the exhibition visitors could pack the candy themselves, but with an error during the packaging process, the software did not allow the completion of the task.

The original approach of Ukrainians to the exhibition did not go unnoticed. As a result of the exhibition, Olson started negotiations with several companies, which in the future may become clients and partners of the Ukrainian IT company.

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