Projects that Receive $475,000 in Grants

Thursday, July 1, 2021
Projects that Receive $475,000 in Grants

Ukrainian Startup Foundation (USF) has approved grants for 13 projects for a total amount of $475,000

The USF supervisory board named the projects that will receive state grants at the end of the 26th and 27th Pitch Day.

State grants went to both seed-stage and pre-seed stage projects.

Seven projects at the pre-seed stage received grants of $25,000:

  • Avocado AI a B2B SaaS that uses mathematical models to predict food demand and generate optimal ingredient ordering for the establishment;
  • MANNA an interactive media platform for creating authorial 3D animated content, streaming and social interaction in the VR environment;
  • Advin a system for controlling the availability of goods on grocery retail store shelves;
  • Monor innovative 3D printer glasses with customizability and unique wishbone mounting system;
  • Energy Absorbing Breakwater an autonomous device for converting sea wave energy into water desalination and electricity generation;
  • 4comfortshoes online shoe fitting service for retailers and customers;
  • Workee a complete solution for running a private coaching business.

The $50,000 grants went to six projects at the seed stage:

  • Awesomic a web app that tags a company's assignment with the best designer to execute it;
  • Copra a Ukrainian developer of premium speakers and amplifiers;
  • DreamApp dream interpreter;
  • Onyx patented non-contact towel dryers;
  • Noplag plagiarism checking service and resources for academic writing;
  • Meteocontrol AI a farm insurance platform based on satellite data and author algorithms.

The main criteria for evaluating projects are team, market, idea (for pre-seed stage)/product (for seed stage), the feasibility of financing, strategy. 

Full recording of the 26th and 27th pitch can be viewed on USF's official YouTube channel.

The USF constantly accepts and evaluates applications from Ukrainian startups, which can be submitted on the official website. 

Besides pre-seed/seed grants, startups also have an opportunity to receive grants for educational programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators. The USF Grant Acceleration Program aims to increase the number of successful startups, enhance professional competence and improve skills related to business development and beyond.


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