Putin Does, Daughters Suffer

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
Putin Does, Daughters Suffer

Ukraine imposed sanctions against the daughters of the President of the Russia

The US was the first to impose restrictions on the family of Russian president Volodymyr Putin. The sanctions prohibit access to the United States financial system and freeze its assets.

Now Ukraine has imposed sanctions against the Russian and Belarusian elites: 99 individuals and 178 legal entities. This list included the daughters of Volodymyr Putin — Kateryna Tykhonova, and Mariia Vorontsova. The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine accepted this order.

"Henceforth, restrictions on the aggressor State and its supporters will be applied simultaneously by partner countries and Ukraine. The daughters of Volodymyr Putin headed the list of those under the strict restrictions odious persons," the Ukrainian ministry of integration reported.

Also sanctioned were officials of the country's national banks of the aggressor and its assistants, some businesses, people, and companies that help propaganda or facilitate the circumvention of sanctions.

The Ukrainian department said it plans to apply sanctions to the engineering parts supplier Serenia and the Russian internet TV channel Tsargrad. It is reported that they helped the Russian Federation to bypass sanctions restrictions. Thus, Russia could obtain microelectronics products for the needs of the military-industrial complex, although this was prohibited. The group of companies Tsargrad was also on the list because of Russian propaganda. 

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