Putin the — Most Ugly Figure at the Annual Cologne Parade

In Cologne and Munich, during preparation for the street carnival, identified a derisory politician of the year   
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On 11 November at 11:00 a. m., preparations for the annual street festival Fasching began throughout Germany. The event takes place in Munich and Cologne in February

People dress up as superheroes, storytellers, and celebrities. Usually, on the streets during the celebration, you can also see sculptures, masks, and figures of German politicians. They are made in a caricature genre and often ridicule any lapses of statesmen.

But this year, people from Germany have chosen the main antagonist and laughingstock for the carnival. The president of the Russian Federation became him. He was depicted as a vampire, a devil’s lover, and even a butcher who puts his soldiers in the grinder.

Unfortunately, this is no joke. The people of Germany very accurately felt the essence of Putin in the war against Ukraine.

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