Putin’s “Underwear” Is Beginning to Unpack in France

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 16, 2022
Putin’s “Underwear” Is Beginning to Unpack in France

An employee of the Russian federal security service and an officiary of the "Wagner group" asked for asylum in France and provided testimony

The Insider reported that 2 people associated with Putin's policies immediately requested protection from the French government. These people ended up on the same plane. The first person is a woman, an employee of the Russian security service. A second person is a man connected with the private Russian military company Wagner, the work of the staff, and the team of a trusted person of the president of Russia Prigozhin. The intelligence workers decided that the government had decided to "remove" them, so they urgently sought political asylum in France. We remind you that Wagner mercenaries are now working in Ukraine and, by Putin's decree, maim, torture and kill Ukrainians.

"Both went to seek asylum and international protection in sync, it looked very strange — each of them decided that the second was here to kill him. The French police and airport security services have also been suspicious, the situation is unusual," says the head of the project Gulagu.net.

Agents are already testifying about Putin's actions. An employee of the FSS tells how the invasion of Ukraine was planned and that the defence Ministry and the intelligence agency were involved in the attack. It will reveal the secrets of the aggressor country's workflow. The member of the Wagner group testifies about how their company was founded and why it is not private. 

"I can say that they (the testimony — ed.) relate to how Wagner group was created under the defence Ministry, under the intelligence brunch, how the state created the system of financing and supply of agency and how these secret units participated in sabotage work in eastern Ukraine, directly in the Lugansk region," Gulagu.net writes.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Russian agents seek asylum from other countries. All of them are already testifying against the aggressor.

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