Rapid Growth of Demand for Ukrainian Land

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 20, 2021
Rapid Growth of Demand for Ukrainian Land

Land purchases and sales increased by 62.1 %

On July 1, a new land market was opened in the country. Under the new law, only citizens of Ukraine are be able to rent and buy such plots. But this is only in the first stage. Further reforms are planned. After January 1, 2024, the list may be further expanded: legal entities will first be entitled to acquire land. 

Thus, according to the results of the last week, in Ukraine, practically 6 thousand deals were made with land for agricultural purposes. It is a 62.1%  increase over the week before. The total area sold also increased by 55.1%. During December 9-26, the new owners have taken possession of 15.8 thousand hectares of land. During December 9-26, such a result. By comparison, after the reform and before 9 December, the state managed to carry out transactions on areas totaling 169.82 thousand hectares.

Based on the Ministry of agricultural policy data, the highest average price per hectare of land in western Ukraine (in the Lviv region) is $4.663 per hectare. In the capital of Ukraine, can buy land for $3.265 per hectare. The average price is recorded in the southwest (Chernivtsi region) and south (Odesa region). It costs about $880.80 per hectare. The cheapest agricultural area is sold in the Kirovohrad region, located in the center of Ukraine. The lowest score is $219.62 for the hectare land usage.

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