Rating of Mobile Applications

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Monday, January 1, 2022
Rating of Mobile Applications

TOP of the most popular mobile applications at the end of 2021 downloaded in Ukraine

The top in the ranking of mobile applications includes well-known applications such as Telegram, Diia, Google Pay, and TikTok. They continue to capture the hearts and smartphones of Ukrainians.

At the end of 2021, the audience for the use of electronic documents and public services, Diia (73.9%), approached the audience of Facebook messenger (74.4%) in Ukraine. Over the past year, the Diia application has more than doubled, reflecting the demand for electronic documents and trust in the government's innovation program.

Messenger Telegram (88.5%) recorded its advantage over Instagram (78.9%), with a lead-in coverage of almost 10%.

The application for contactless payments Google Pay is growing at a similar pace, which in December 2021 was actively used by 53.2% of Ukrainians against 31.7% in December 2020.

TikTok's short video creation and viewing service is consistently among the fastest-growing applications in Ukraine. Over the last year, the supplement has also almost doubled — from 24.3% in December 2020 to 44.9% in December 2021.

Among the applications that did not get into the TOP rankings but also show rapid growth in Ukraine over the past year, we can note YouTube Music, Netflix, Helsi.me and Tabletki.ua.

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