Rave-Cleanup and Rebuilding

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, August 4, 2023
Rave-Cleanup and Rebuilding

Ukrainian youth moved synthetic music parties to the wreckages and dismantle post-war rubble with the accompaniment of a DJ set

In Ukraine, was launched a rest camp for connoisseurs of construction works in a free time from the rest of life's tasks. Repair Together is a volunteer community that helps dismantle post-war rubble while enjoying a live DJ set. Young people from Ukraine and other countries participate in Repair Together raves or youth construction camps. Today, 224 people took part in the 3-month camps, 53 of them foreigners. During the day the restoration of villages to music, in the evening and night watching movies, discos, workshops, yoga, stand-ups and a concert by a Ukrainian saxophonist. Participants of the unique camp live in tent towns with mobile lavatories and internet from Starlink. A team of professional builders and cooks are also on site.

Repair Together team is currently working in the Chernihiv region. When the number of participants reaches 1000, it is likely that individual groups will be sent to the other areas. You can also register for an all-female team.

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