R&D offices in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
R&D offices in Ukraine

Why should global companies create R&D centers in Ukraine and how they will be of interest to the Ukrainian IT market

The Ukrainian IT market has gone through many stages of evolution, and finally, today, when they talk about the high-tech potential of Ukraine, they mean not only outsourcing. Our intellectual asset is a real treasure for foreign IT companies. The brain drain trend to the West was replaced by an interest in opening their own offices. Today, foreign developers of high-tech products are ready to open research centers (R&D) directly in Ukraine.
Ukrainians have learned to create, promote and sell IT products on global markets. We are interested not only in creating a product but also in its active development. As a result, more and more Ukrainian developers want to be a part of their work. This is what gives rise to the development of software development centers — R&D offices.

Why R&D offices are what we need

What can the opening of a research center give to Ukraine both for the company and developers in particular and for the Ukrainian IT market in general?
For developers, this is an opportunity to gain experience in building and operating a company. After all, working for a food company, they get access to the process of creating a product. As an employee of the company, they will know everything about the marketing and sales process of an IT product in Western countries and will be able to interact with C-level managers directly and climb the career ladder. In addition, employees of local development centers are often invited to the company's headquarters, where they learn from experience and corporate culture and attend training with their American or European colleagues.
For the market, R&D centers have a significant impact on the labor market in the country. When we help Western IT corporations to open their offices in Ukraine, we simultaneously encourage them to equip a complete infrastructure.

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