Real estate in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, January 23, 2022
Real estate in Ukraine

Among the promising destinations of investing in Ukrainian real estate is by no means the last one

It is especially demanded in major cities, where investors can choose residential or commercial real estate, or invest in allotments for agricultural business.

The situation on the real estate market does not allow to expect immediate growth, but it will be possible to observe relative stabilization at current levels. At this time it is necessary to pay attention to real estate investment projects that are ready for construction - they offer good rates and attractive investment conditions.

The real estate market of Ukraine continues to show signs of growth. According to the forecasts, the real estate market will continue to demonstrate positive dynamics and keep up with global real estate indicators by 2020. The share of real property in the structure of personal assets is constantly growing. Ukrainian real estate is considered a reliable tool for portfolio diversification and effective asset management; it is currently attracting foreign capital from USA, Turkey, China and other countries.

The demand for real estate in major cities increases due to:

- steady income level (in terms of salary vs real estate prices);

- low real property costs as compared with those in Western Europe;

- significant reduction in mortgage rates;

- favorable tax environment

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