Reasons to Buy a Vineyard in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Reasons to Buy a Vineyard in Ukraine

Climatic conditions, demand, and 3other reasons to start a grape business

Almost the entire territory of Ukraine is ideal for growing grapes and producing wine. Most often, it is enough for the owner of the land to plant vineyards and buy equipment. There is no set limit of grape varieties suitable for cultivation in Ukraine. A country in terms of grape growers is a multitude of microclimate zones, and a certain area is better suited to each variety.

Another aspect is the demand for the results of grape processing. In Ukraine, wine is produced, the juice is made, and the sweet Georgian dish churchkhela is made. The number of vineyards has also decreased recently. But wineries continue to work and look for raw materials for wine.

Ukraine also aims to improve wine exports. Analysis of foreign trade shows a fourfold excess of wine import over export.

Wine from Ukraine is still in demand in EU countries. Ukrainian wine also reached the markets of Arab Emirates, Africa, Azerbaijan.

Not forget the moment when winemaking culture is actively developing in Ukraine. Tasters, connoisseurs, and other people are emerging in the country, raising the demand for vineyards.

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