Reserves of the NBU of Ukraine in November

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Reserves of the NBU of Ukraine in November

The NBU's reserves grew by almost $1 billion to $30.5 billion, up from $29.7 billion in October of that year

Government storage increased by $895 billion, up 3% from the previous figure. But it should be added that the first and main reason why the reserve increased was the receipt of a tranche of $700 million from the International Financial Fund.

The dynamics of reserves in November was determined by the following factors:

  • Government revenue from foreign investment was $493 million, including $250 million from Cargill Finance Services International and €167.4 million from government loans.

$481.7 million was spent on servicing and repaying public debt in foreign currency, of which $251.3 million on servicing and repaying IGLBs, $145.2 million on servicing Eurobonds, and the rest on other foreign currency liabilities states.

In addition, in November, the government and the National Bank paid the IMF $64.4 million.

  • In the first weeks of November, the supply of currency in the interbank foreign exchange market exceeded its demand. At the same time, in the second half of the month, the situation changed. The National Bank bought $1.2 million in the foreign exchange market and sold $792.6 million to smooth out excessive fluctuations. The NBU's net purchase of foreign currency on the interbank foreign exchange market in November amounted to $385.2 million.
  • Valuation of financial instruments through changes in market value and exchange rates.

In November, their value fell by 135.6 million dollars.

The current volume of international reserves provides funding for future imports for 4 months, which is enough to meet the obligations of Ukraine and the current activities of the government and the NBU.

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