Resumption of Export of Ukrainian Pork and Beef

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 12, 2022
Resumption of Export of Ukrainian Pork and Beef

Due to the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports, exports have temporarily stopped. However, it will now work through the EU

On May 11, the Ministry of the agrarian policy announced an agreement to transit Ukrainian meat products through Poland and Romania.

"Due to Russian aggression, Ukraine has lost its traditional ways of exporting its products by sea, which led to the need to update the conditions for the import and transit of Ukrainian goods through the EU. Based on the results of negotiations with the European Commission and EU member states, these conditions were updated," the Ministry of agrarian policy Ukraine.

Ukraine is not accredited to export meat to the EU. Therefore, during martial law, transit is allowed only through Romanian ports.

Cargo requirements:

  • International veterinary certificate;
  • Transportation in a sealed container;
  • Prefill CHED-P via EU e-system TRACES NT;
  • Export and import only through customs permitted during martial law.

Border checkpoints are allowed: Poland Shegini, Romania Ordovka, and Vadul-Siret.

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