Revenge for the Incapacity of Own Army

Russian missile hit a residential building in Mykolaiv: 6 killed civilians 
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On October 11, when most of the Mykolaiv region was still sleeping, the Russian army fired several missiles at the regional centre. 1 of the missiles hit a multi-story residential house

The missile's body was so vast and heavy that it levelled all the existing 5 floors of the house. The state emergency service of Ukraine immediately began work. To clear the rubble and rescue people involved 13 units of equipment and 68 rescuers.

Already known about one child who was saved — a 16-year-old boy who was sleeping in a room that was located next to the abyss. Also, rescuers found his parents. Unfortunately, the family couple did not breathe. Also, reported about 4 more dead civilians.

"As of 10 a.m, 6 people died from a blow to a residential building," mayor Mykolaiv Senkevych wrote in his Telegram channel.

Rescue work is continuing. All 5 floors of the house were residential: under the rubble may be people demanding rescue or innocent victims who became corpses due to Russian helplessness.

Once again, Russia's defeat on the battlefield will entail a blow to the peaceful citizens of Ukraine.

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