Ribas Hotels Group is the first hotel chain in Ukraine to use a barcode from «Diia» during registration

Thursday, May 6, 2021
Ribas Hotels Group is the first hotel chain in Ukraine to use a barcode from «Diia» during registration

Documents in the «Diia» application are digital analogs of paper; they have the same legal force.

Ribas Hotels Group became the first hotel chain in Ukraine to introduce data transfer technology via the barcode application of the «Diia» application to the Servio HMS hotel system. Objects of the network where it will be used: Wall Street by Ribas, Ribas Karpaty, Bortoli by Ribas, Hotel BossFor by Ribas, Play Hotel by Ribas. This is another step in the information breakthrough.

Earlier, guests spent more time on the registration process. The administrator either requested the documents to fill in the data or scanned them. Now, this process will be optimized and will take no more than a minute. For example, Ribas Hotels Group hotels have scanners with which administrators can read the barcode of a document in the «Diia» for registration. The guest only needs to confirm the request in the application to send a copy of the digital document. Digital copies of documents are sent to the Servio HMS’s information system.

During the transfer process, the recipient of the data will be provided with a digital copy of the electronic document in PDF format (signed by CEP Actions and with the date, time, and name of the recipient), as well as metadata in JSON format with the appropriate fields from the document.

Action 2.0 is an updated mobile application that allows Ukrainians to access their digital documents and share their digital copies in a few clicks in the right life situations. These include an ID card and a foreign biometric passport, a student card, a driver's license, a investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/automotive/" rel="dofollow">vehicle registration certificate, a vehicle insurance policy, a tax number (RNOKPP), a birth certificate, and a certificate of resettlement (IDP).

According to the government portal.

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