Richard Branson Arrived in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Richard Branson Arrived in Ukraine

The businessman interested in the restoration of the "Antonov" airfield and met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy

On June 29, Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson arrived in Kyiv. First of all, the businessman went to the city of Gostomel, the Gostomel airport. It is there that the Antonov airfield and Mriia, defeated by the Russian army, are located. According to Branson, now he and the specialized departments of Ukraine are working together on a project for a new Mriya, which "will set many more new records."

The purpose of Branson's visit, as he wrote on his Facebook, is to communicate with Ukrainians, learn about their needs, and also understand how civil and state business together can strengthen Ukraine.

"The visit of British entrepreneur Richard Branson to Ukraine is another reminder that the world and famous people continue to support us. We talked about maintaining global attention to the war in Ukraine, as well as prospects for cooperation in the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine," Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Richard Branson has been supporting Ukraine since the first day of the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian border by Russian occupiers in 2014. He openly stated that the progressive community should oppose the annexation of Crimea, as well as gradually abandon Russian energy sources.

"After an invitation from president Zelenskyy, I traveled to Kyiv to meet with the president, foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, and a group of Ukrainian business leaders. I also visited some of the sites of Russian attacks since Putin's appalling invasion began. My main purpose in going to Kyiv was to meet and listen to Ukrainians, to understand their fears and concerns and also to learn what business, in partnership with civil society and governments, can do to support Ukraine most effectively. I remain hopeful that Ukraine and its people will prevail and win this war, taking control of their territory, their sovereignty and their future path. But more than ever, all of us have to stand together and confront the threat Ukraine and the world face," Richard Branson.

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