Rising of the Ukrainian Wages and Pensions

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Rising of the Ukrainian Wages and Pensions

The salary will increase by 3%, and by the end of next year — by another 7%

It is predicted that in 2022 Ukrainians will start getting more for their services and resources. Thus, the average salary for a Ukrainian is $245. 

An expert on the Ukrainian labor market, Tatiana Pashkyna, told about calculation and expected results.

"The average wage corridor that gets raised is 5-10%. Very rarely 15-20%. But it's a deterrent when you have to hold a specialist because he's about to retire. These promotions are point-to-point. A global postcovid salary increase, in my opinion, would not happen," she said.

As for the pensions enlargement, 7 planned to be held in 2022. The increase in pension payments will be implemented gradually. The focus will be on the deprived social classes.

In conclusion, Ukrainian labor market experts foresee positive changes in the financial plan. But also focus on changes in the cost of products, the dollar, utilities. According to them, in monetary terms, the most peaceful year will be for investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/logistics-providers/" rel="dofollow">logistics, pharmacists, IT specialists. As demand for their services continues to grow, both within and outside the country.

The lowest salary increase is expected in the hospitality industry. Experts estimate that the industry will slow down slightly in 2022.

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