“Rolls-Royce” Sent It’s Generators to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 11, 2022
“Rolls-Royce” Sent It’s Generators to Ukraine

British car manufacturer “Rolls-Royce” handed over 2 diesel generators to the ministry of health of Ukraine

Rolls-Royce stopped supplying parts to the Russian Belaz plant last year. After Russia invaded Ukraine, a world-renowned organization once again confirmed its unwillingness to work with the aggressor. On March 4, it was reported that Rolls-Royce was suspending deliveries of its cars to the aggressor country. But there was no question of a complete cessation of sales.

On 11 June, it was reported that a British company had transferred humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Rolls-Royce took care of the civilian casualties and handed over 2 heavy-duty diesel generators. The Ministry of health of Ukraine accepted such assistance.

Diesel generators are already in Ukraine. Each of them can provide autonomous work for a large regional hospital. One Rolls-Royce generator will remain in the regional hospital of Kyiv. The second generator is planned to transfer to the Mykolaiv region. The Mykolaiv region is now in a perilous zone under the aim of Russian missiles and flamethrowers. So the generator can help save lives in critical situations.

"The generator allows you to keep the operation of the institution and can maintain its activity in an autonomous mode for more than one day. The generators who have come to us now can operate not only one building but all buildings if it is a large regional hospital," said the deputy minister of health Bohdan Borukhovskyi.

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