Russia Buys Meat

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 8, 2023
Russia Buys Meat

Russian migration services recruit migrants from сentral Asia for the war in Ukraine

British intelligence reports that the Kremlin has launched a program to recruit migrants from сentral Asia to conduct military activities in Ukraine. Migration representatives who speak Tajik and Uzbek call on their fellow citizens to fight against Ukrainians on tidbits: $2.390 for joining the Russian army and monthly salaries of up to $4.160. Labour migrants, who in Russia are most often given jobs as service personnel and denied rented housing upon joining the army, are guaranteed citizenship not for a standard 5 years but for 6 months-year.

"These recruits are likely sent to the Ukrainian frontlines where the casualty rate is extremely high," the MoD of the UK.

As of early May 2023, over 14.000 Ukrainians have completed military exercises in the United Kingdom.

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