Russia Could Lose Its 4th EU Gas Exporter

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 31, 2022
Russia Could Lose Its 4th EU Gas Exporter

Due to the refusal to pay for gas in rubles, Denmark may join Poland, Bulgaria, and Finland, which "Gazprom" refused further deliveries

Russia once again put forward the demand to pay for gas in rubles. In accordance with the sanctions against the state that staged a bloody massacre in the center of Europe, the EU countries refuse to succumb to blackmail. As reported by Bloomberg, Denmark, known for its alternative energy sources, and its energy operator GasTerra, do not plan to agree to Russia's terms.

"GasTerra will not agree with the payment requirements of Gazprom. This is because it could violate sanctions imposed by the EU, and because there are too many financial and operational risks associated with the required payment route," a statement on the GasTerra website.

As reported by Orsted A / S, the shutdown may occur on May 31, and the state is preparing to reduce Russian gas supplies.

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