Russia Destroys Institutes of Medicine in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 3, 2022
Russia Destroys Institutes of Medicine in Ukraine

Russia does everything to prevent Ukrainians from receiving medical care in Ukraine

According to the minister of health of Ukraine, Viktor Liashko, during the 38 days of the war, the enemies fired on 274 hospitals in Ukraine, 13 of them were utterly destroyed. 70 ambulances were put out of action. 6 medical workers died, and 20 were seriously injured.

Now the Ministry of health is working to protect its workers: those who save the lives of Ukrainians. In recent weeks, ambulance workers have been serving in bulletproof vests.

On April 2, the Ukrainian Embassy in Britain purchased 30 armored ambulances for Ukrainian doctors. The purchase took place with money donated to Ukraine by ordinary people from all over the world — through the withukraine charity platform.

Secretary of the security and defense council of Ukraine Oleksii Danilov urged us to be ready for Russia's use of chemical weapons. Putin will likely decide on this cruel and low step. Therefore, Ukrainians, protect yourself and learn the rules of conduct in case of a chemical attack.

"You know that despite the ban on the use of chemical weapons by all international institutions, they once used them in Syria. We have a clear understanding that they can do this on the territory of our country. We have to be ready for this."

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