Russia Does Not Feed Its Soldiers

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, March 5, 2022
Russia Does Not Feed Its Soldiers

On March 5, Russian invaders killed an 80-year-old Ukrainian who refused to feed them

"Great" Russia left its soldiers to their fate. We all over the country have already discussed army rations abandoned by Russian soldiers with a shelf life of up to 2015. Having no food and no connection with Russia, the Russians went to rob shops. After that, they began to ask for food from local Ukrainians.

Today, Russian nazis killed 80-year-old Mykola Mamchur in the town of Gostomel, Kyiv region. They came to his house, began to demand food, and when they were refused, they shot him dead.

"Armed occupiers in the uniform of the Russian army entered the yard of his house. Mykola Mamchur was shot dead simply because he refused to give them food," said Ukrainian journalist Ihor Chichkan, a close friend of Mykola Mamchur.

We remind you that it was in Gostomel that Russian beasts raped and hanged 10 Ukrainian women for 2 days, and also blew up the legendary Mriia.

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