Russia Intimidates Finland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 13, 2022
Russia Intimidates Finland

Hours after prime minister Sanna Marin said of a discussion on the country's accession to NATO, the aggressor country sent military equipment to Finland's borders

On April 12, Russia decided to disgrace itself fully and began to threaten Finland. Russia used the possible entry of Finland into NATO as an excuse to interfere in not their business.

On April 11, Sanna Marin voiced her hopes that her government would complete discussions on the country's accession to the Alliance by mid-summer. And a few hours later, Russia said it might be responsible for Finland's accession to NATO. After that, videos began to leak to the internet, clearly showing Russia dragging heavy weapons and missiles to the border.

According to The Daily Mail, an unconfirmed video released on April 11 recorded the movement of a Russian convoy on its way to Helsinki. The video shows the movement of 2 coastal missiles and the mobile coastal defense system K-300P Bastion-P. This system is designed to destroy ships and aircraft carrier battle groups.

Probably, Putin wants to "denazify" Finland as well.

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