Russia Is Not Invited to the Munich Security Conference

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Russia Is Not Invited to the Munich Security Conference

Worldwide isolation as it is

In February 2023, Germany will host one of the most prestigious international forums in the field of international security. But not everyone will be among the usual members of heads of state, governments, ministers, and public figures. President of the Munich Conference Christoph Heusgen said that Russia will not be among the ten influential countries — the organizers will not invite the aggressor to the event.

"Russian officials are not invited to MSC2023. We will not give them a platform for their propaganda. We want to discuss Russia's future with Russian opposition leaders and exiled people — THEIR voices need to be heard and amplified," Heusgen made a statement on Twitter page.

During the meeting, influential personalities will discuss alliance cohesion, the rule of law in the international order, and crises of countries and organizations. According to the official conference website, Russia's war against Ukraine brought suffering to the civilian population and activated crises in many other states.

Recall that this year the president of Ukraine addressed the members of the forum via video communication. Politicians positively accepted Zelynskyy's statements. For comparison, in 2007, Russia's president also spoke at the Munich Security Conference. Then, Putin criticized the US and NATO. Western countries reacted poorly to Putin's statement about the "unipolar world" and NATO's threats to Russia. Now experts believe that the speech of the Russian leader in 2007 hinted at aggressive intentions in the future.

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