Russia May Use Chemical Weapons

Thursday, March 10, 2022
Russia May Use Chemical Weapons

White House spokesman thinks the Russians might use chemical weapons because of a failed attack on Ukraine

Russian occupiers are failing in Ukraine. Already in the first week of the war, such a situation angered Putin and he threatened with a deterrent weapon.

The beginning of the third week of the war did not change the situation of the Russian enemies. Therefore, a number of American politicians believe that Putin may use another prohibited method of warfare. The basis for such a conclusion became new fakes from the Russian side. The aggressor country is actively disseminating information on the development of biological weapons on the territory of Ukraine. Among the diseases allegedly developed in Ukrainian laboratories in cooperation with the United States:

  • Plague;
  • Coronavirus.

The Russian ministry of foreign affairs also announces the importation of a large quantity of chemicals into the territory of the Kharkiv region by Ukrainian nationalists. Ukraine and the United States deny such provocations.

However, let us recall that Moscow has experience in the use of chemical weapons during the war in Syria.

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