Russia: Mission of Distort International Charters 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Russia: Mission of Distort International Charters 

Russians refuses to recognise the validity of the order to arrest Putin

The Russian Federation and its authorities live with their reality. For a year now, they seem to be "saving" Ukraine. For 9 years, they have "saved" Donbas. This time, the Kremlin called the International Criminal Court a nobody whose rulings Russia will not follow.

Recall that the pre-trial chamber of the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Putin and the Russian president's commissioner for the rights of the child Maria Lvova-Belova. In response to this decision, the investigative committee of the RF initiated criminal proceedings in the context of the "illegal" prosecution of the "knowingly innocent" president. The case has been sold against the prosecutor and judges of the International Criminal Court. However, this was not the final reaction of Moscow.

Russian security council deputy chairman, former president Dmitry Medvedev again began threatening with nuclear weapons and stated ICC is not respected in Russia. In his view, the International Criminal Court has little jurisdiction and cannot arrest Putin. But at the same time, Medvedev believes that Putin's arrest equates to the outbreak of war. Therefore, Medvedev is ready to send all weapons to the country where the president was detained. It should be noted that he does not care that the Russian president himself will also be in the country that Medvedev plans to attack.

"Let us imagine – it is clear that this is a situation that is never realised, but, nevertheless, let us imagine that it was realised. The acting head of the nuclear state came to the territory of, say, Germany and was arrested. What is this? Declaration of war of the Russian Federation! And in this case, all our funds will fly to the Bundestag, the office of the Chancellor, and so on. Does he understand that this is a "case of belli" and that it is a declaration of war? Or did he not learn well?" said the ex-president.

The propagandist from the Russian TV Simonyan joined the perversion of causation and nuclear blackmail.

The ICC did not stand by. The presidency of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute supported the ICC's decision. The organisation believes that all threats to Russia are unfounded and want to prevent the administration of justice.

"The ICC embodies our collective commitment to fight impunity for the most serious international crimes. We call upon all States to respect the independence of the courts and the prosecution service," declared the presidency of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute.

Thus the whole world again sees one picture of reality, but the Kremlin is fixated on its fables and threats of force.

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