Russia Needs Kharkiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 4, 2022
Russia Needs Kharkiv

On April 4, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine made a statement about the preparation of the Russian military forces for the capture of Kharkiv

During a briefing, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, announced the preparation of the Russian "army" to capture the strategic Kharkiv and a massive attack with possible provocations in the Joint Forces Operation zone.

"The enemy concentrated his main efforts on preparing for the resumption of offensive operations to cordon off the groupings of the Joint Forces and capture the city of Kharkiv. The enemy is reinforcing the groupings of troops of the western and southern military districts in the Slobozhansky and Donetsk operational regions. He does this both by transferring troops from other military districts and by attracting units of the mobilization reserve. The enemy is also establishing routes for the logistics of groupings of troops, creating stocks of ammunition, missiles and fuels, and lubricants, and preparing medical institutions to receive a large number of wounded," Olexandr Motuzyanyk.

Also, a proposal was received from the Russian side regarding another key city — Mariupol. The Russian Ministry of defense offers the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lay down their arms and leave the city along the green corridor to Kyiv.  Details about which the Russian Federation is unprincipledly silent:

  • There is no green corridor from Mariupol to the Kyiv region;
  • All the green corridors created by the Russians are always a provocation. Ukrainians evacuating through these corridors are shot;
  • The Russians installed an illegitimate puppet mayor in Mariupol.

The most important thing to remember is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will never surrender or leave Mariupol. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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