Russia Openly Conducts Genocide

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Russia Openly Conducts Genocide

The occupiers fired missiles at residential buildings in the Dnipro region

In the spring, the Russian Federation began using old Soviet X-22 missiles with an error of 100 to 500 m. Гsing such weapons, the aggressor country would have declared indifference to the civilian population of Ukraine. But these missiles are supposed to have flight coordinates.

Quite another thing — a massive missile strike on residential buildings using the multiple-launch rocket system Uragan (Hurricane). Such a crime speaks of total indifference to the points that will be struck. This means that Russia deliberately uses weapons that are not controlled after departure.

On 9 and 10 July, such objects became residential houses and schools in the Dnipro region. On July 9, the occupiers struck the center of residential development in the Ingulec neighborhood, Krivyy Rih. Russia fired not only rockets from Uragans. The rockets also hit a local school. An uncontrolled attack killed a woman born in 1981. Also, one man was moderately injured, and his daughter was in serious condition and had surgery.

On July 10, the occupation troops launched Caliber missiles in the Dnipro region. 3 missiles hit an industrial plant. The object was destroyed.

It seems that Russia wants to either kill all Ukrainians with its "iron" or give them a slow death from hunger.

On a cover of this article, you see a 6 years old girl. She died due to the Russian rocket fire of Kharkiv. 

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