Russia Shot Mykolaiv City 

On July 15, more than 10 rockets destroyed a residential area and 2 universities
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Today at 7:50 a. m., the Russians fired rockets at a residential area. There are dead. People are pulled out from under the rubble
“This time, the rashists (Russian fascist — ed.) hit Mykolaiv around 7:50 in the morning, knowing full well that at that time, there were already a lot of people on the streets. Real terrorists!"

The mayor of the city of Mykolaiv Olexander Senkevich.

At 10 a. m, the Russians continued shelling civilian infrastructure and fired rockets at 2 universities of Mykolaiv

The Mykolaiv National university of shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov, and the National pedagogical university were destroyed.

“Today, terrorist Russia attacked two major universities in Mykolaiv. At least 10 rockets. Now they are attacking our education. I ask the universities of all democratic countries to declare that Russia is what it really is — the terrorist."

The governor of the Mykolaiv region Vitaly Kim.

"There were a total of two shipbuilding universities in the post-Soviet space. These are our Mykolaiv and St. Petersburg. I wonder if they blocked our ports, the sea. Now they are destroying the ports, destroying the shipbuilding university — the only one that exists in principle. How would they react if 5 rockets flew at St. Petersburg University now?" Vitalyy Kim.

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