Russia Stole Agricultural Products From Ukraine on $613 Mln

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 14, 2022
Russia Stole Agricultural Products From Ukraine on $613 Mln

Due to the war, the amount of losses of agriculture in Ukraine is $27.6 billion

The Center for food and land use research KSE Institute calculated the losses of the agricultural sector of Ukraine and the trophies of Russia. The amount of grain, oil and other agricultural products that Russia stole from the occupied regions of Ukraine is $613 million. The Ministry of agrarian policy claims that the Russians criminally removed from Ukraine about half a million tons of grain, or a third of all grain that was under occupation.

According to KSE Institute analyst Roman Neyter, due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports, grain prices on the world market have risen sharply, while at the same time, the price has fallen sharply on the Ukrainian market. In particular, wheat, barley, corn and vegetable oil fell 33.7%.

According to the KSE Institute, the total loss to agriculture is $27.6 billion, of which losses from unharvested winter crops are $1.4 billion, and destroyed agricultural equipment is $926 million.

Granaries with a total volume of 4 million tons were damaged or destroyed. According to the Ministry of agrarian policy, Russia took 100.000 stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria. Damage from theft — $40 million.

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