Russia Tries to Show Strength to the United Nations

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 11, 2022
Russia Tries to Show Strength to the United Nations

The UN has confirmed that Russia prohibits access to prisoners of war

The head of the United Nations human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine, Mathilde Bogner, said during a briefing in Geneva that Russia is going against the civilized system. According to the politician, the Russian Federation denies representatives of the United Nations access to Ukrainian prisoners of war. Mathilde Bogner also said she had evidence that the Russian military had tortured Ukrainian prisoners. The United Nations considers all these actions to be war crimes.

"The Russian Federation has not granted access to prisoners of war held in its territory or the territory under its occupation. This is all the more alarming since we have documented that prisoners of war under the authority of the Russian Federation and in the armed forces of the Russian Federation or associated armed groups have been subjected to torture and ill-treatment," Bogner reported.

Earlier, we wrote that the families of soldiers taken prisoner in Mariupol called on the United Nations to send a commission to Olenivka, where there was a large-scale murder of Ukrainian prisoners. Rosemary Di Carlo, under-secretary-general for political affairs of the organization, responded to the request. She said that a UN fact-finding and evidence-gathering mission was due to arrive in the occupied city in the next few days.

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