Russia Uses Food Crisis for Blackmail and Earning Money for War

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, July 22, 2023
Russia Uses Food Crisis for Blackmail and Earning Money for War

Josep Borrel noted that Russia destroys and steals Ukrainian grain to create global hunger single-handedly and use it for own purposes

On July 19, at the end of his speech to the Council of Ministers of the European Union, Josep Borell said that by violating the grain agreements, Russia purposefully creates hunger and undermines global food security.

"Putin is using famine as a weapon even against people in those countries who still hesitate to condemn the criminal bloodshed he allowed in Ukraine," Josep Borrell.

The head of European diplomacy stressed that the world knows that Russia undermines Ukrainian ports, burns and steals Ukrainian grain, blocks shipping in the Ukrainian seas, and terrorizes private ships, equating them with military ones.

"Russia illegally blocks the export of Ukrainian grain. It destroys Ukrainian fields and plunders Ukrainian agricultural products. Contrary to its own claims, Russia is making good profits from grain exports and will benefit even more now that prices are rising again after it killed the agreement and destroyed warehouses in Ukrainian ports," Borrell said, proving that the Kremlin is pursuing the policy to cash in on stolen grain and continue the war with the proceeds.

Minister of foreign affairs Dmitry Kuleba attended this meeting. The European ambassador reaffirmed his commitment to Ukraine and its struggle for its freedom and to providing vulnerable countries with food.

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