Russian Army Does Not Exist

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, March 18, 2022
Russian Army Does Not Exist

Russian occupiers mock the local population instead of fighting the Ukrainian army

It is no longer a secret that the Russian occupation forces do not receive food, water, and other humanitarian supplies. So they go down to stealing from shops and homes of Ukrainians. But how to explain the fact that the Russians kill ordinary Ukrainians?

Moreover, freelance advisor to the president’s office Oleksii Arestovich told about the atrocities that take place on the outskirts and in the villages of the Kyiv region.

The occupiers are raping and killing the local population. Such a statement was made by Arestovich at an official briefing on March 17.

So why aren’t the Russian military fighting the Ukrainian army, looking for the Azov regiment? Is this how the army is waging war, killing civilians?

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