Russian Army Kills Press

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 30, 2022
Russian Army Kills Press

On May 29 the occupiers shelled the press service of Ukrainian TV channel "1+1"

On May 29, the TV news service of the Ukrainian channel 1+1 arrived in Bahmut, Donetsk region. Since this area is dangerous, several people came to the city: journalist Oleksandr Zahorodnyi and cameraman Ivan Holovach. During a live broadcast on the state of the city and the Lysychansk-Bahmut highway, which was recently taken over by the occupiers, journalists came under enemy fire. The occupiers began firing missiles at the area.

On May 30, the Russians shelled an evacuation car that was leaving the Lugansk region. The first and second enemy shelling is related to the fact that the Russians tried to kill the press service. However, in the first case, Oleksandr Zahorodnyi and Ivan Holovach managed to escape, but the journalist who left the Lugansk region was not so lucky.

The Russian army opened fire on an armored car to evacuate civilians. There was a police officer and a French press officer in the car. An accredited journalist was wounded in a car bombing. A French journalist died on the spot. The helmet saved the policeman from a serious head injury.

This is not the first attempt to kill Ukrainian and foreign journalists. Unfortunately, some attempts by the occupiers are successful

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