Russian Attack on Kyiv April 28

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 28, 2023
Russian Attack on Kyiv April 28

Air defence over the Kyiv region shot down 11 cruise missiles and 2 drones

On April 28, at 4:01 a. m., a 2-hour air attack began on the Kyiv region. The exact number of Russian weapons has not yet been published. It is reported that over the air defence of the Kyiv region, in 2 hours, destroyed 11 cruise missiles and 2 drones.

In Ukrainka town in a few kilometres from Kyiv, a rocket fragment fell on a multi-storey residential building. Apartments on 2 floors were damaged, and a fire started. A 13-year-old girl was injured. She was taken to the hospital.

Previously, the power transmission system in one of the capital districts was damaged. The roadway was also damaged and blocked.

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