Russian “C-300” Against Zaporizhzhia Civilians

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Russian “C-300” Against Zaporizhzhia Civilians

On March 22, the occupiers hit a high-rise building in Zaporizhzhia 

The morning in the Zaporizhzhia region started with terror. First, the occupiers shelled the regional centre and the historical and cultural reserve – the island of Khortytsa. The shelling was carried out from the occupied territories with anti-aircraft missiles. Then the Russian soldiers committed a new crime. Moscow, again and again, repeats attacks on residential buildings. This time several Russian missiles hit a multi-story house in Zaporizhzhia. One of the rockets stuck on the roof of the building and did not explode. Now the Ukrainian specialists will have to work hard on the neutralisation of the Russian missile. It is to be hoped that the occupier's old missile will not explode in time when rescue workers save lives.

Rescue work must be carried out because of the second missile, which hit residential apartments. The accident injured 18 people. Among them, 2 children aged 9 and 7. 1 person died. 3 people are in hard condition, 7 residents of the house suffered moderate injuries. 5 of the victims did not need hospitalisation and were treated locally.

"Russia shells the city with brutal brutality. Hit residential areas where ordinary people live, children. A terrorist country seeks to destroy our cities, our nation, and our people. This should not become an "ordinary day" in Ukraine, anywhere else in Europe or the world. We need more unity and determination in the world to quickly defeat Russian terror and protect life," Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to the incident. 

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