Russian Culture — Robbed Ukrainian Museums

Traces of Russian war crimes remain in every de-occupied settlement in Ukraine. Including crimes against the cultural heritage of Ukraine
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Crimes against the cultural heritage of Ukraine-part of the genocide of Muscovy against Ukraine

This fact is proved not only by international political scientists and historians, but also by Russia’s methodical attacks on institutions and cultural objects of Ukraine: the destruction of libraries, unique ancient churches, arson and robbery of museums, the destruction of universities and schools, ancient architectural monuments. Many paintings, icons, antique jewellery and antiquities were taken to Russia.

Kherson, unfortunately, did not become an exception for the barbarity of Russian criminals

This is the consequence of the presence of Russians in the Kherson museum of local lore. Everything of any value has been robbed of the museum. Except for the anchor: maybe Russians just couldn't get it out.

That which were not robbed were destroyed

The museum cannot be restored because there is nothing to restore. Without exhibits, it's just a building. Or you can leave everything as it is — it will be a museum of "Russian peace". And his slogan will be "barbarism, misery, genocide."

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