Russian Damage to the Housing of Ukraine — Over $54 Bln

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Russian Damage to the Housing of Ukraine — Over $54 Bln

More than 163.000 houses were destroyed/damaged, with a total area of 87 million m²

The Ukrainian research KSE Institute, within the framework of Russia will pay project, published statistics on the damage by the Russian army to the Ukrainian civilian, namely residential infrastructure. As of the end of May 2023, the direct damage to the private and multi-apartment housing stock in Ukraine is more than $54 billion. Of these, more than $46.6 billion is damage to multi-storey buildings.

According to KSE data, as of June 2023, the war destroyed 8.6% of the total housing stock in Ukraine:

  • The number of destroyed or damaged houses — more than 163.000;
  • Destroyed multi-storey apartment buildings — over 18.000. Of these, 130.000 are damaged, 5.400 are irreversibly destroyed;
  • Destroyed private houses — more than 144.000. Of these, non-recoverable ≈59.000;
  • The amount of direct damage to private households is more than $7 billion;
  • The total area of destroyed or damaged houses is 87 million m² (≈ 8.6% of the total area of residential infrastructure in Ukraine).

Donetsk region suffered the most. Here the invaders destroyed/damaged more than 84.000 houses. In Mariupol (you see it on the cover of this article), the invaders have already demolished and disposed of more than 300 multi-storey buildings. This is equivalent to half of the entire housing stock of the city.

Other regions: Kyiv — 22.000, Luhansk 11.300, Kharkiv 9.800 and Mykolaiv 7.500.

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