Russian Football Players Now Have to Look for Another Job

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Russian Football Players Now Have to Look for Another Job

UEFA Withdraws Russia From Euro 2024

Russian athletes will not participate in Euro 2024, and Belarus is placed on a separate list from Ukraine. This was announced by the president of the Ukrainian football association Andrii Pavlenko on the eve of the draw. On October 9, the draw for the Euro 2024 qualifying tournament will be held in Frankfurt, but Russian footballers do not have to go there. The UEFA Council banned Russia's participation in the competition team because of war actions in Ukraine.

"Russians simply have nothing to prepare for. As requested, Russia will not be in German Frankfurt on October 9. And at least until 2024, they will not have official international football competitions. Euro 2024 will be held without the aggressor country! Glory to Ukraine," wrote Andrii Pavlenko on his Facebook page.

While FIFA and UEFA suspend the aggressor from the competition, other countries support Ukraine. The leader of the national team of Poland, Robert Lewandowski accepted as the former head coach and captain of the Ukrainian national team Andrii Shevchenko's blue-yellow captain's armband. With her, the Polish footballer will participate in the World Cup, which will begin in late November.

"It will be an honour for me to wear this captain's bandage in the colours of Ukraine at the World Cup," wrote Lewandowski on his Instagram.

Russian athletes have already expressed their opinion on this issue. They believe that this is not only the dismissal of footballers of the Russian Federation but is also "the complete exclusion of Russia from all sporting events". 

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